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3M Surgical Grade Tape (1/2')

3M Surgical Grade Tape (1/2")

Gel Remover Gel (15g)

Our gel glue remover makes it easy to remove old extensions from the natural lash without pulling or irritation. Gently apply with a microswap to the base of the lash and carefully remove the extension.

Glue Rings (Set of 10)

Disposable glue rings for holding drops of glue during eyelash extension application. Set of 10.

Lash & Brow Foam Cleanser (50ml) with Cleansing Brush

Our Lash & Brow Foam Cleanser has been specifically formulated to cleanse and sanitize the entire eye area. It is an effective eye make-up remover and an ideal home care product for cleaning eyelash and brow enhancements.

Lash Training Mannequin Head

Silicone Flat Mannequin Head. Offers a variety of usages: eyelash extension training, permanent makeup instruction, microblading, dermablading, facial massage, etc.

LF GS 20 Glue Sticker for Glass Palette or Jade Stone

Individual disposable Glue Stickers to use on a glass palette or jade stone for holding drops of glue during application. 20 stickers per sheet.

LPGG 2-in-1 Crystal Lash Palette with Graduated Lines and Glue Groove

Our 2 in 1 Crystal Lash Palette features graduated lines for lash strips and a glue groove for your favorite lash adhesive.