About Us

Eye Am Finesse Beautique is a woman owned lash and esthetics company that was founded by a Licensed Esthetician, in 2016.  Prior to opening a lash business, the beauty passionate owner, Tee, has contributed over a decade of incredible years spent dedicating skills and knowledge within the beauty service industry.  The US based company started with just an artful idea to provide clients with in-person ONLY beauty services. The model was to provide a luxurious service to enhance the appearance of natural lashes and brows, for both men and women.  In addition to the company’s original practical ONLY beauty business model, Eye Am Finesse Beautique has expanded their platform, now offering Lash and brows supplies, lash application tools, beauty accessories, a skin care line and an array of successful training courses available for beauty Professionals.  The Eye Am Finesse brand, core goal, is to deliver universal quality, while leaving an empowering lifelong impression and to inspire others to thrive in their everyday aspirations.


Why Eye Am Finesse Beautique?

Quality Products:  At Eye Am Finesse, we believe in ingenuity, exceptional craftsmanship and quality manufacturing. Our team diligently researches the manufacturers and products we offer because, let’s face it, no one can afford to waste money or time on shabby lash extensions, mediocre products, or on tools that don’t work or break down – especially tweezers!

Dedicated Customer Service:  Customers service support is available by phone, and e-mail.  If you have a question – give us a call or drop us a note through our Contact Form Eye Am Finesse Beautique www.eyeamfinesse.com. We pride ourselves on maintaining a professional attitude and are dedicated to providing the best customer service experience, and want all of our beauty enthusiasts to feel confident and cared for near or far.

Constant Growth:
 We work with top-rated manufacturers of all sizes to continually expand our catalog of various skin care products, cosmetics, eyelash extensions and lash application tools.  Aside from working with top manufacturers, we know the importance of what it means to always stay current, providing a constant flow of overall quality.

Our Web Site:
 We are always looking for new ways to make our site easier to navigate. From improving our mobile view to organizing products so they are simple to find, our Web site is designed for ease of use.